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Furlmatic Windchargers are designed to protect themselves by reducing the rotation speed of the turbine in extremely high winds.

Rutland 504 e-Furl Windcharger

Peaks up to 50W.
  • Electronic stall regulation provides high wind protection.
  • Low wind speed start to generation.
  • High grade construction for durability.
  • For charging 12V battery banks.
  • Turning radius 304mm.
Image: Rutland 504 Domestic Wind Turbine

FM910-3 Furlmatic Windcharger

  • Extremely durable construction
  • Peaks up to 200W pre-furling
  • Produces 90W at 11m/s wind speeds
  • Turbine diameter: 910mm
  • Weight: 15Kg
  • Turning radius 268mm
* HRSi or HRDi Charge Regulator recommended
Image: FM910-3 Furlmatic Windcharger

FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger

  • Powerful rare earth magnet alternator
  • Peaks up to 750W
  • Produces 340W at 11m/s (21 knots).
  • Manual stall facility
  • Turbine diameter: 1800mm
  • Tower top weight: 29.2Kg
  • Digital display
  • Turning radius 1145mm
  • MPC1 Controller (See opposite) is included to protect batteries against overcharge
Image: FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger

Image: MPC1 Controller


Land based Windcharger Kit - Pole Mounted

Windcharger kit comprises:
  • FM910-4 Furlmatic Windcharger 12V
  • HRDi Charge Regulator
  • 70Ah AGM battery with clip on terminals
  • Land Tower Kit / Rigging Kits
  • Genius Inverter 150W
  • Set of Twin Core Cables
Image: Land Based Windcharger kit
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