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Photo: Ex Display ASHP Vitocal 200-S Sale Price Bargain
An ex-display Viessmann Vitocal 200-S for sale at knock down price!!
Full working order and as new condition now available for 2,200 + VAT. New List Price would be around 4,770.
The Vitocal 200-S uses the free energy of the ambient air. It is ideal for the new buildings and renovations. It is possible to combine the Vitocal 200-S with existing heating systems.
Efficient and economical The Vitocal 200-S is particularly efficient in part load operation, using the advantages of a DC inverter. The inverter matches the compressor output exactly to the building heat demand. When adding to an existing system the Vitocal 200-S assumes primary control and ensures efficient operation by using the existing system to cover the peak heat demand only. Modulating operation reduces continuous starting and stopping, which extends component life and the speed controlled fan results in quieter operation. Vitotronic control While the Vitotronic 200 controller is designed for ease of programming of the heat pump unit, it also controls the whole heating system. It has a clear and easy to read display with a help menu to aid operation and includes a full diagnosis and fault finding facility as standard. The display will also show heating and cooling curves which can be tailored to personal preferences. The programming unit of theVitotronic 200 can be removed from the front of this appliance and can be sited up to 5 m away from the boiler, enabling installation in areas with restricted access, e.g. if the boiler is installed in a garage or loft.
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