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Sabre Rigs Ltd.Ground Source Heat Pump Training Rig

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A kit comprising of Ground Source Pump major components:
  • Fully working GSHP
  • Buffer tank
  • Expansion vessel
  • Anti-freeze
  • Manifold
This connects to a full working system for install, commission & handover training. Ideal for demonstration, practical & theory training.

Image: GSHP Training Rig


Sabre Rigs Ltd.Ground Source Heat Pump Training Rig

This training rig features a high temperature single compression heat pump positioned above a ground array (Approx 25M x 32mm MDPE flexible pipe). There are two short manifolds mounted on the side panel for flow and return, each with four underfloor zones. The rig is compact in design and wheeled for ease of mobility within training facilities.

Output: 3.5 Kw approx.

This training rig has been designed by leading UK provider of Ground Source Heat Pumps Kensa Engineering Ltd.

Logo: Kensa Engineering Ltd.

  • Fully working heat pump demonstration unit demonstrates the principles of heat pumps in a single unit.
  • Ideal teaching tool allowing physical experience of the heat generated.4
  • Transparent front and side panels show inner workings (Evaporator, Condenser, Ground Array and Heating Distribution Water Pumps, Pressure Gauges, Controller etc.)
  • Easily transportable.
  • Plugs straight into 240V socket
More than 60 of these units are now in use in centres throughout the UK for inclusion within their BPEC approved training courses on Heat Pumps. Each training rig comes complete with a graphic pack which can be screen printed for supporting information.

Early models may be returned for refurbishment. Please contact us for details.

Fact Sheet

Image: Ground Source Heat Pump Training Rig


Image: Ground Source Heat Pump Training Rig (Inner)


Sabre Rigs Ltd.Ground Source Pump Purging Unit

An important factor of any ground source heat pump installation is to ensure that the ground arrays are purged of air and filled with antifreeze. The Ground Array Purging unit is used to demonstrate how this is actually done. It comprises a panel mounted two-way manifold assembly and pump and 2 x 150 metre pipe loops. The unit is delivered complete with all necessary fittings, pump and is mounted on an easily transportable frame.

Approximate dimensions 1500 x 1200 x 1200 mm (H x W x D)

Image: Purging Unit

Image: Purging Unit


Sabre Rigs Ltd.Schematic: Ground Source Heat Pump Loop Display Board

A high quality washable Foamex board for use as a training aid in training & assessment centres.
Measurements: 950 x 720 x 5mm (L x W x D)
Image: Schematic: GSHP Display Board (GSDISPLAY)
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