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Air To Air Heat Pump Training Rig (AAHP100)

The air to air heat pump comprises outdoor and indoor units mounted on a single frame. The 'outdoor' inverter unit extracts latent heat energy from the surrounding air which is absorbed by refrigerant solution and compressed to a higher temperature. The ‘indoor’ fan unit transfers this to the inside of the building as hot air. The training rig is an excellent demonstration tool as it enables both processes to be observed together.

The Air to Air Heat Pump System is mounted on a light weight powder-coated steel frame fitted with large lockable wheels to provide mobility within training centres and display rooms.

The training/demonstration rig is pre-charged with refrigerant. Supplied with 2 m length of mains cable fitted with a standard 3-pin plug - requires power point access only to be fully functional.

The AAHP has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.6

Key features:

  • Outdoor Inverter Unit with a condensing unit drip tray positioned below.
  • The outdoor unit houses several key components including: compressor, condenser, electronic expansion valve, low and high pressure switches and evaporator
  • Indoor Fan Unit
  • Refrigerant tube connecting outdoor and indoor units
  • Remote multi-functional Control
  • Air filters (x2)
  • Consumer unit
  • Optical wireless electricity/power monitor - provides accurate readings if electrical consumption. It updates every 30 seconds showing real-time data.
  • User guide, installation manual and guarantee card.
  • Operating process can be reversed to provide cooling air
The unit also acts as an air purifier and particulate filter using ‘Cluster Ion Technology’ - additional benefits for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers.

Air to Air Heat Pumps are becoming increasingly popular with energy users. This rig is designed to show the complete Air to Air system.

Image: Air to Air Heating Training Rig

Image: Air to Air Heating Training Rig

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